How digitalisation and the metaverse are revolutionizing the retail industry

  • The metaverse is going to change how we buy our retail products. Clothing brands such as Adidas, Gucci and Vans are already preparing their presence in the digital sphere.
  • Rather than reducing physical sales, the metaverse could unlock opportunities for retailers, but bridging the physical and the digital while creating a cohesive customer experience will be crucial.
  • To succeed, phygital retailers must innovate and offer their customers the best of the digital and the best of the physical, as well as opportunities to move easily between the two.

What opportunities and changes does metaverse offer retailers?

Focusing on seamless integration

Cohesive experiences to increase sales

With online spending quickly catching up, metaverse can play a big role in the future of retail. Image: Euromonitor
Retailers with a digital presence will outperform their competitors. Metaverse can further enhance their growth. Image: Euromonitor

Upping engagement and fostering trust

Opportunities abound within the phygital



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